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Beginning with natural materials such as wood, stone or various organic elements, I seek to represent a circulation, that which is found in the body, in the elements, a transformation, that of organisms. The body is a whole world filled with fluids, colors and materials. Sculpting by direct carving, I try to establish a relationship between mental images and the sculpted matter. The skin, the bones, the organs represent a place where I can modify space, change the points of view, weave links, combine the inside and the outside as a whole. I tend to mix and push the limits of figuration to question what I think I know, starting from existing materials that already have a form, from a past existence. Like a subjectivity that spilts up and finds an alterity in a volume, allowing it to inhabit a place and a space. It is also a way to find an inking through sculpture that make visible and palpable a trace, a memory, a reminiscence.